Leunora Salihu

Leunora Salihu, GRAVITY ON A JOURNEY, 2017, Installation view, K21 Ständehaus, photo: Achim Kukulies

Leunora Salihu
Gravity on a journey

31 March – 24 September 2017 (extended)
K21 Ständehaus, Bel Etage

Although Leunora Salihu’s sculptures have an austere composition, they are light and permeable. The artist creates her works from a multitude of materials, like clay, plaster, metal, and multiplex boards, playing with their contrasting characteristics to assemble new, extraordinary combinations.

Their titles – like Trichter, Tunnel, or Treppe (Funnel, Tunnel or Staircase) – hint at a possible technical or functional origin. On closer inspection, however, all apparent usefulness disappears. The sculpture Propeller is a prime example of this. Its structure of stacked MDF boards and a fragile ceramic core refers to the rotating movement of a propeller. On another level, the sculpture also deals with many  purely artistic issues, like the relationship between difference and repetition, three-dimensional forms, gravity, and dynamics.

Leunora Salihu was born in 1977 in Prishtina (Kosovo).