Alexandra Bircken

Alexandra Bircken, Parallel Societies, 2016, Courtesy Alexandra Bircken, BQ, Berlin & Herald St., London, Photo: Achim Kukulies

Parallel Societies, 2016

With her stage-style installations and idiosyncratic object language, Alexandra Bircken (*1967) has achieved international recognition in recent years. The Cologne- and London-based artist works with coarse materials such as metal, rubber tubing and wood, but also wool, leather, and transparent substances. For her arrangements, she slices apart motorcycles and devises coverings for fashion mannequins.

Central to her enterprise is the human body and its fragmentation and transformation through the use of casts. Only at first glance do her installations make a martial impression; Bircken is in fact concerned with the interrogation of surfaces and with their vulnerability. Beginning in the 1990s, when Bircken launched the Faridi fashion label together with Alexander Faridi, clothing has become a second skin, a statement, and a form of experimentation.

Alexandra Bircken has developed a new installation work for the K21.