Diango Hernández

Diango Hernández, BEACH, A LONGING, Installation view at the K21, photo: Isabel Hernandez, © IKS 2016

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The conceptual artist Diango Hernández was born at Cuba in 1970. He left his Caribbean birthplace in 2003 – yet up to the present, Cuban society and culture remain the central themes of his drawings,  objects, and installations. He approaches these by rotating stages of thought and an artistic language  based on "finds."

His artistic vocabulary is strongly marked by a yearning for his lost homeland, for its shoreline, for local fruits, his mother tongue. Hernández transforms Fidel Castro’s rambling speeches into a novel form of visual expression: words become waves, which in turn become an ocean consisting of blue symbols. The idea of the homeland – as ideological construct and place of longing – generates the axes of memory, the reservoirs of energy, and the perpetual mobiles that propel his artistic production.