Pamela Rosenkranz

Pamela Rosenkranz, Amazon (Green, Blue, Green), 2017, Installation view at K21 Ständehaus, Photo: Achim Kukulies

Amazon (Green, Blue, Green) (2017)

April 01, 2017 – March 31, 2018

In her work, Pamela Rosenkranz (born in 1979 in Altdorf, Switzerland) grapples with a multiplicity of materials that are as a rule encountered in the high-tech and pharmaceutical industries. Her main focus is on achievements in modern medicine that have contributed to shaping society, and on the individual’s relationship to both nature and culture.

In Rosenkranz's work, scientific grounding and determined speculation go hand-in-hand. The suggestive impact of her pieces are reinforced by the targeted use of colors such as blue – ostensibly the hue of immateriality – or flesh tones, a surrogate for the human body.

In her artist's room at the K21, Rosenkranz has developed a new light/sound installation that reflects her preoccupation with the Amazonian ecosystem, while investigating the boundary between organic and inorganic modes of existence.