Ulla von Brandenburg

Ulla von Brandenburg, Two Times Seven, 2017, Installation view at K21 Ständehaus, Photo: Achim Kukulies

Two Times Seven (2017)

April 01, 2017 – March 31, 2018

In her installations, the Paris-based artist Ulla von Brandenburg (born in Karlsruhe in 1974) uses films, objects, wall drawings, and enormous lengths of fabric to construct scenery that subdivides rooms. Curtains become draped fields of color that can be raised or lowered, and behind which visitors can  disappear.

The surreal worlds she creates in her stage-style productions are reminiscent of the theater and its methods of calling social reality into question. The world of illusion becomes a metaphor for collective human existence – a place where it becomes impossible to distinguish spectator from actor, and where the boundary between reality and imagination vanishes.