Ramsès Younane, Untitled, 1939, Öl auf Leinwand, 47 x 36,50 cm, Courtesy H. E. Sh. Hassan M. A. Al Thani collection, Doha

Art et Liberté:
Rupture, War, and Surrealism in Egypt (1938 – 1948)

July 15 – October 15, 2017
K20 Grabbeplatz

Art et Liberté: Rupture, War, and Surrealism in Egypt (1938 – 1948) is the first comprehensive museum exhibition devoted to the group Art et Liberté (Art and Freedom) which was active in Cairo. Shortly before the outbreak of World War II this collective of Surrealist writers and fine artists engaged in a struggle against fascism,  nationalism, and colonialism. With a new definition of Surrealism, the group established a contemporary pictorial idiom that was rooted more in international tendencies than local traditions.


Futur 3 Annäherung an die ungekannte Zukunft

F3 Schmela Haus
Thursdays at 7 pm (except holidays)

With Futur 3, the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen invites everyone with an interest in art and culture to engage in dialogue, debate and discussion at the Schmela Haus. On Thursday evenings (except holidays), international guests explore questions concerning the future of the museum, the city, society, art and science in various constellations and with different thematic emphases.

Vorschau 2018

Excentric Modernism

April 14 – August 12 2018
K20 Grabbeplatz

With the exhibition Excentric Modernism, the Kunstsammlung interrogates the grand narratives of Western modernism and the history of our own collection. On view will be artistic practices that emerged outside of Europe and North America, whether through interchange with so-called "classical modernism" or independently of it, and which have received minimal recognition within the traditional Western historiography of art.