Wiebke Siem

Installation view: Achim Kukulies

Wiebke Siem – What Things Dream

February 4 – June 19, 2016
K20 Grabbeplatz, Labor

Wiebke Siem, who was awarded the Kaiserring Goslar in 2014, explores modernism through ironic  breaks. In the past, her work focused on forms of collection and display, and she presented her objects in rows and on shelves in the fashion of a museum archive or a store showcase.

For the last ten years, the artist has been arranging her sculptures in interiors of old furniture, creating a kind of stage set. Recently, Siem began constructing figures out of everyday objects, which she collects in large numbers. By processing these objects and changing their form, she alienates them from their original function and transforms them into protagonists of a strange kind of puppet theater. Thus, while the idea of a collection still provides inspiration for Siem’s oeuvre, it no longer serves as a topic, but as a reservoir for her sculptural works.

In our Labor, Wiebke Siem provides visitors with various components for a group of sculptures, inviting them to use this assembly kit to create their own configurations. In this way, visitors become the artist’s accomplices in a creative process, which, as we all know, is associated with both pleasure and pain, as eventually a final decision about form must be made.

The Labor is sponsored by the Sparkassen-Kulturstiftung Rheinland and the Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf.