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Lokal Lieshout / Lieshout Café

For the tall, airy café space in the second upper story of the Kunstsammlung am Grabbeplatz, the Lieshout studio has devised a completely interior design, including a bar which projects dramatically into the space, tables, chairs, lamps, a bookcase, and tableware. The Lokal Lieshout is already open for business during museum opening hours.

All surfaces in the Lokal Lieshout have been integrated into the color scheme, whose choice of tones was determined by “guided” chance. In his design, artist Joap van Lieshout (*1963) responds to the art of classical modernism on view in the adjacent galleries by opposing it with his own universe of “primitive modernism,” consisting of blocky forms which seem almost to have been hewn of stone.


“Klee’s” is a redesigned restaurant at the K20 which opened in November 2012. It offers a special gastronomical concept: The symbiosis of modern cooking and a traditional tapas-idea makes it the perfect place to go for dinner as well as for a quick lunch. Sticking with the traditional architectural specifications, the style of “Klee’s” unites modern, innovative design – new material and ideas – with classical elements.

The restaurant’s name is related to the artist Paul Klee, who taught at the Kunstakademie (Arts Academy) until 1933: The purchase of his works by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia in 1960 led to the foundation of Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen.



Pardo Bar

Recruited to furnish the creative redesign of the Pardo Bar was Cuban-born artist Jorge Pardo, whose new décor encompasses walls and lighting. During the daytime, the café is enveloped in a cheerful soap bubble pattern consisting of orange and green tones. During the evening hours, green, interlocking shade lamps transform the space into a bar with psychedelic overtones.

The Pardo Bar is opened during the opening hours of the museum.


Pardo Bar
Ständehausstr. 1
40217 Düsseldorf