Archive of Futures: Myra Hird


Myra J. Hird, Sociologist, environmental and science studies researcher, in the context of the OPEN SPACE of the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen.

Myra J. Hird is Professor, elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, and Queen’s National Scholar in the School of Environmental Studies, Queen’s University, Canada. Professor Hird is Director of Waste Flow, an interdisciplinary research project focused on waste as a global scientific-technical and socio-ethical issue. Hird has published 10 books and over 70 articles and book chapters on a diversity of topics relating to science studies. Hird’s 11th book, The Public Sociology of Waste, is forthcoming with Bristol University Press.


The Archive of the Futures is a video archive that gathers the voices of scientists, activists and artists and forms a kind of open archive for the questions and challenges that concern us in the times of the Anthropocene.
The climate crisis and its life-threatening consequences, the excessive waste of resources, the legacy of colonialism, and growing social and economic inequality pose challenges to humanity. How can we confront these? What does it mean to work for a livable future in these times? How can we think and create a fair and livable future? Is the future possible and for whom or what?
The starting point for the video statements are questions that the participants most urgently ask themselves with regard to the future. The questions are intended to provide food for thought about what should be said, questioned and done in the Anthropocene - and about what the future asks us to think.

Conception and realization of the Archive of the Futures: Fiona Schrading and Theresa Dagge.