Imi Knoebel

Imi Knoebel, Genter Raum, 1979/80, Photo: Robin Merkisch, Düsseldorf

Genter Raum (Ghent Room) is among Imi Knoebel’s key works. Irregular segments of wood are stacked up in groups on the floor, while rectangular panels are arranged into sculptural blocks or hung on the walls like paintings. Knoebel goes beyond painting as conventionally defined. He extends the medium into the surrounding space, detaching it from traditional references and providing viewers with a new freedom for individual experience. This artist – whose approach took shape in the 1960s in the milieus of Joseph Beuys and Minimal Art – identified new possibilities for the medium. Not least because of these potentialities, Knoebel can be regarded as one of the most important exponents of abstract painting.