Thomas Hirschhorn

Photo: Achim Kukulies

In Thomas Hirschhorn’s intallation, the ›patients‹ are work of art. Five large sculptures are found in this ›intensive care unit‹. One has belonged to the Kunstsammlung since 2004, namely Two Families (2004). They form the point of departure for Hirschhorn’s expanding installation, which he arranged especially for the K21. The artist seeks to intensify the visitor’s experience. Through his ›do-it-yourself aesthetic‹ involving simple, cheap materials like untreated wooden posts, adhesive tape, and spray paint, he pursues a political interest: »To politicize art means choosing materials that do not intimidate, a format that does not dominate, an arrangement that does not seduce.«
In 2010 ›intensive care unit‹ was the title of the first installation of 26 artist’s rooms in K21.