Janet Cardiff / George Bures Miller

Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller, Dark Pool, 1995, Mixed Media, Courtesy the artists, Galerie Barbara Weiss, Berlin, Luhring Augustine, New York

An old wooden door opens onto a kind of study. Disarranged, it is filled with books containing scientific diagrams, essays on paranormal phenomena, and handwritten scribbling. The scene is illuminated by weak light from electric bulbs. Apparently, the room’s inhabitant has just taken leave of it. In his/her stead, exhibition visitors are invited to seat themselves at the table and leaf through the books. Their movements trigger the installation’s soundtrack. The effect is disturbing and enigmatic. Different voices, which draw the visitor into their spell, narrate the tale of a mysterious abyss known as the Dark Pool. Nor is the mystery solved, moreover, by the miniature depiction of the pool in a suitcase.