Sarah Morris

Sarah Morris, Hornet, 2010, handglasierte Kreamikfliesen, 6,78 × 26,89 m, Paul Klee-Platz, K20 Grabbeplatz, Foto und ©: Sarah Morris

Hornet, 2010

Paul Klee-Platz

In 2008, Sarah Morris (* 1968) won a competition to install a project at Paul Klee Platz. The artist, who lives in New York City, used tiles in order to create an enormous image for the northern terminal wall of the plaza. With its complex geometric structures and luminous coloration, “Hornet” alludes to the vibrant textures of the metropolis. But the effect of her image is ambivalent: on the one hand, its allover structure emphasizes the planarity of the wall, while on the other, it resembles a relief composed of numerous convolutions. “Hornet” (6.78 x 26.89 m) was executed in June 2010, and consists of hand-painted, high-gloss ceramic tiles measuring 30 x 30 cm.