Online Catalogues

The library’s inventory is stored in mobile shelving systems. For security reasons and because of our special cataloging system, the inventory is not directly accessible to external users.

The desired literature will be brought to your table by library personnel. Selections are made via the online catalog or the card catalog. Our staff will gladly assist you in locating titles. A photocopier is available to library users, please be aware that fragile or rare publications cannot be photocopied.

Of necessity, priority is accorded to internal loans: we appreciate your patience and understanding.


Our library inventory is for the most part incorporated into the OPAC system. Accessible to you via this online catalog is a digitalized inventory (acquisitions since 1996) referencing circa 45,000 titles.

OPAC Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen


Also, the OPAC of the libraries in Düsseldorf offers extended search possibilities: both the inventory of all participating libraries as well as each institution can be accessed via the OPAC.

OPAC Düsseldorfer Bibliotheken