For Hito Steyerl’s most recent work “SocialSim” (2020), Fabian Bechtle and Leon Kahane from the Forum for Democratic Culture and Contemporary Art (Forum dcca) developed a scale, the parameters of which register various significant threats to democracy. For the Kunstsammlung, Forum dcca has also produced video clips that comment on and contextualize these parameters.

Forum dcca is a project of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation. Among other things, it deals with the continuities of anti-Semitism and racism in contemporary cultural debates. During the run of “Hito Steyerl. I Will Survive”, the clips will be regularly presented here at K+, as well as on the digital channels of the Kunstsammlung.

  • Parameters from the social simulation “Dancing Mania” in the exhibition “Hito Steyerl. I Will Survive”:

  • #1 diverted commando ammo (in tons)

  • #2 discord martyrs (per gamified terrorist effect)

  • #3 days left to day X (p/d) 

  • #4 support for horseshoe theory (per mounted police)

  • #5 German Cultural Mediation (per Heidegger translation)

  • #6 Blame Soros Constant (per Jewish Conspiracy "O")

  • #7 critical historical awareness (per Wagner memorial)

  • #8 manic denial spread (per sentiment)

  • #9 death threats sent from german police servers (p/d)

  • #10 identitarian jealousy factor (per cultural appropriation)

  • #11 kanye complex (new infections p/d)

  • #12 Cancel Culture Efficiency ("0")

  • #13 Make craft and spirituality great again (pro biennale)

  • #14 Tik Tok temperature (per infiltration)