Joan Miró (1893-1983), Poème (III) (Gedicht. III), 1968, Acryl auf Leinwand, 205 x 174 cm, Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona, © Successió Miró / VG Bild-Kunst 2015

Miró. Paining as Poetry

13 June - 27 September, 2015

Famous for his enigmatic symbols, dancing celestial bodies, and playful figures, Joan Miró (1893—1983) is among the most inventive and beloved artists of the 20th century. Under the surface, Miró’s seemingly lightheartedness image world conceals intensive reflections on painting and its possibilities.

To date, little is known about Miró’s lifelong interest in literature and poetry or his friendships with major authors of this time. For the first time ever, the exhibition, organized in collaboration with the Bucerius Kunst Forum in Hamburg, illuminates Miró’s relationship to poetry in a comprehensive way.


Imi Knoebel

nstallationsansicht im K21, für die Werke von Imi Knoebel © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2015, Foto: Achim Kukulies

Imi Knoebel –
Honoring Malevich

May 09 – August 30, 2015
K21 STÄNDEHAUS / Bel Etage

Imi Knoebel (born in 1940) is one of the most important contemporary abstract artists internationally. Since the 1960s, this Düsseldorf-based artist has contin-uously developed his emphatically minimalist oeuvre.

On view in the Bel Etage of the K21 will be Knoebel’s new wall and three-­dimensional pieces alongside Suprematist works by Malevich.


Tomás Saraceno

Installation "Tomás Saraceno - in orbit", K21 Ständehaus, photo: Studio Saraceno, © Tomás Saraceno

Tomás Saraceno - in orbit

Extended until end of the year 2015
K21 Ständehaus

Suspended more than 25 meters above the piazza of the K21 is Tomás Saraceno‘s gigantic installation in orbit. This steel wire construction spans the museum‘s vast glass cupola on three different levels. Positioned within this net structure, which encompasses altogether 2500 m², are half a dozen „spheres“ – inflated spheres having diameters up to 8.5 meters. Visitors have access to this transparent installation, and can move freely between the spheres on all three levels.