Other Groups

Photo: Wilfried Meyer

General Guide Fee

Groups may book guided tours through the permanent collection or current special exhibitions. Pre-registered tours are offered in German, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Hungarian, and Dutch for normally max. 20 persons each. The general guide fee is plus admission for group visitors.

Please see the certain conditions for the exhibition To Egpyt and Wael Shawky.


Foreign-language guided tourGuide Fee
120 min. (plus admission fee)130,00 EUR

60 min. (plus admission fee)

85,00 EUR

90 min. (plus admission fee)

100,00 EUR

We offer also foreign-language guided tours with workshop part for adults or groups of children and young people. Please ask the Visitor's Service for termns and conditions.


German-language guided tour     Guide Fee

60 min. (plus admission fee)

 75,00 EUR

90 min. (plus admission fee)

 90,00 EUR
120 min. (plus admission fee)120,00 EUR

Group Admissions

9.00/7.50 Euros admission fee each (from 10 persons on)
Plus guide fee/guided tour.


Application for Groups

Would you like to book a personalized group tour?

With application only. Please pre-register also for private group visits without guided tour.

Visitor's Service

Tel +49 (0)211. 83 81-204
Fax +40 (0)211. 83 81-209