The podcast “K20K21” presents important aspects of Hito Steyerl’s work in four episodes: Experts discuss forms of the documentary, the role of the art market and the museum, the relationship between artificial intelligence and political manipulation, and Steyerl’s clear stance on racism and anti-Semitism in Germany.

You can hear Hito Steyerl in conversation with Susanne Gaensheimer, Director of the Kunstsammlung, Doris Krystof, curator of the Düsseldorf exhibition, and Florian Ebner, curator at the Centre Pompidou, Paris, as well as the cultural scholar Vera Tollmann, with whom Hito Steyerl founded the Research Center for Proxy Politics at the Berlin University of the Arts in 2015.

  • The podcast episodes (in German language) will be published here at regular intervals.

  • Episode 1

  • Episode 2

  • Folge 3

  • Folge 4