Lilli v. Bodman
Head of Sponsoring and Event,
Managing Director ArtPartner Relations GmbH
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As one of the major museums devoted to the classical avant-gardes, art after 1945, and international contemporary art, the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen is an effective partner for corporate enterprises. Like the art scene, the world of business is a place of diversity, dialogue, and tolerance.

Our partnerships are based on shared values and visions, individual objectives, and the specific requirements of our partners. Based on these commonalities, we work together with each of you to develop ideas for our joint engagement. In addition to positive image transfer, you benefit as our partner from joint communications, special events, and numerous offerings for your employees and customers. We would be delighted to work with you to develop individual concepts in the framework of our marketing, sponsorship, and innovation activities.

Together, we can create a space for innovation, new strategies, and marketing. Artists are the seismographs of society, and their works embody visions of collective life. Inspire your customers and employees with art, creating greater space for creativity in your enterprise.

Narratives and synergies for your brand: our exhibitions are ideal for partners who seek contentual proximity to special projects. Joint communication strategies strengthen both brand names. Through your engagement, you can position yourself in an extraordinary environment.

Awaken curiosity and creativity among young and old: cultural education, outreach, and research are essential aspects of museum work. Our program targets all age groups and social strata. Our aim as a museum is to offer each individual access to contemporary art. Through your sponsorship, you will be supporting our team in the continuing development of a wide-ranging educational and outreach program with a broad spectrum of events, guided tours, and workshops.

Your products set in a permanent collection of masterpieces – a more splendid and inspiring environment is difficult to imagine. We welcome product sponsoring that supports our activities.

The fundamental prerequisite for the realization of our many exhibitions and educational programs, and for the continuing work of the Kunstsammlung in general, is the support we receive from businesses and foundations. Your support facilitates long-range planning security and makes an essential contribution to ensuring that the Kunstsammlung remains a lively and versatile museum.