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Please mind that the educations offers might change due to the measures taken to contain Covid-19.

The varied and wide-ranging educational program offered by the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westafalen is informative, entertaining, and convivial. Through a variety of formats, the reception of works of art becomes a lively process, and the discovery and interpretation of art becomes an enriching individual experience.

There are currently no regular public tours due to the measures taken to contain Covid-19.

Learn more about artists and their works! In our workshops, you will become immersed in the world of these artists: through stimulating dialogue, you will get to know their friends, companions, and critics, and discuss contemporary writings and literature. The praxis-oriented workshops become a very special experience. Stimulated by intensive examinations of original works, you are invited to attempt your own artistic forays, testing and experimenting with new visual idioms and materials.

There are currently no reserving guided tours due to the measures taken to contain Covid-19.

The new accompanying program for everyone under 30
Through open, experimental, and unconventional approaches, participants in UNTITLED discover modern and contemporary art. The program for young adults offers new and unexpected perspectives of current exhibitions.