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Foto: Wilfried Meyer

You say you have always been interested in art? At the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, you will encounter a fascinating selection of paintings, photographs, videos, sculptures, and installations, both modern and contemporary. Here, you can also engage in discussions with experts and artists. You also have the urge to create? In our workshops, you can embark upon your own artistic experiments. As a special highlight, cameras and computers are available in our media workshop for projects involving photography and video. Have we piqued your curiosity yet?

A project of Kulturrucksack NRW

For children and young people aged 10 years and over

How do artists perceive themselves and the world in which they live? How do they give expression to their experiences in their
works? At the K21 open media workshop (“Medienwerkstatt”), you can investigate new possibilities for relating to the world and working with images. At the same time, the artworks embolden you to ask yourself: What is meaningful about my life? Which pictures move me? How can I find and hold onto these pictures? How can I scenarize myself and others? In the museum’s exhibition spaces, and in the open media workshop, you can address these questions by acquiring photographic and filmic techniques, and by experimenting with the various possibilities offered by photography and video. Depending upon whether you prefer still photography or video, you can shape your images into a book or a video clip. Stop by and have a look!

There are currently no “Sneak Peeks” due to the measures taken to contain Covid-19.

Our exhibitions are consistently devoted to enthralling themes, which we examine in greater detail in workshops and holiday events. Depending upon the exhibition, there are also planned interfaces with music, theater, and dance.

Our current programming is found in the calendar and in our newsletter. To register for our Livestream-Workshops, please click here.