Christoph Schlingensief.
Kaprow City

Apr 24 — Oct 17, 2021

  • Portrait Christoph Schlingensief, © Aino Laberenz

Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen is presenting Christoph Schlingensief’s (1960 – 2010) multimedia installation “Kaprow City”, which has been completely preserved as one of the few artistic works by the filmmaker, theater and opera director, talk show host, and political action artist. Originally conceived as an accessible stage set for the Volksbühne in Berlin, Schlingensief transferred “Kaprow City” to the Migros Museum in Zurich in 2007 as an art installation. The expansive work of art is now being presented for the first time in a museum in Germany.

Aesthetically, “Kaprow City” gives the impression of a battle of materials. According to the principle of overload, numerous themes and ideas overlap in the spaces, pictures, and films. Schlingensief incorporated the way the US American Happening artist Allan Kaprow (1927 – 2006) worked with the audience, as well as his reflections on a fictional film about the tragic death of Lady Di. The project offers one of the rare opportunities to see an installation by this extraordinary all-around artist.

A project of the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein Westfalen in cooperation with the Estate of Christoph Schlingensief and Aino Laberenz.

Schlingensief in Germany

Beside the exhibition at K20, the Düsseldorf Film Museum shows the movie “Christoph Schlingensief: Projektionen” produced by Eckhard Kuchenbecker (Apr 24 – Aug 31, 2021). Moreover, the JULIA STOSCHEK COLLECTION presents works by Schlingensief from her collection in an exhibition and a movie screening (Apr 24 – Dec 19, 2021).

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