Katarzyna Kozyra, Master of Puppets

Okt 26, 2012 — Mar 10, 2013 (Schmela Haus)

  • Installation view of the exhibition at Schmela Haus, photo: Achim Kukulies

The exhibition Master of puppets is the newest project of internationally renowned artist from Poland Katarzyna Kozyra. Born in 1963 in Warsaw, she studied sculpture at the local Academy of Fine Arts. Today Kozyra is definitely one of the most appreciated female artists in Poland. Kozyra`s works fluctuate between sculpture, photography, video art, performance, theatre and music and are presented in a humorous but provocative manner.

They touch on problems of human existence, raise questions of identity and identification and scrutinise antiquated gender roles. At the same time, Katarzyna kozyra undermines the mechanisms of the art market with the Midget Gallery, which she initiated in 2006. The exhibition is specifically designed for the space at the schmela haus, summing up and giving an overview of Kozyras work up to this point.

For some works the artist has changed the scale or reduced the size of the works drastically to open up a reflection on viewing patterns and the viewers receptiveness, which she actively includes in the production of her art. Notably the exhibition presents props, masks and costumes from most of the artists videos and performances as well as catalogues and video documentaries. The exhibition is organised by Zacheta National gallery of Art, Warsaw is part of the cultural exchange programme "Klopsztanga'' Poland without borders in North Rhein Westphalia with the support of Adam Mickiewicz Institute Warsaw.