Forthcoming. Speculations in Urban Space

Apr 13 — Aug 4, 2024

  • Still image from Planet City, Directed and Designed by Liam Young, VFX Supervisor Alexey Marfin

Loss, memory, destruction, and reconstruction are the starting points of the exhibition, which presents various responses by contemporary artists to the upheavals in urban space. The international selection of works from the last ten years includes videos, photographs, film installations, and books. It takes us to Beirut and Dhaka, Los Angeles, Naples,
and Berlin. It is about the city as a site of questions about the future, with which new possibilities for communal living are constantly being negotiated. The imminent – the forthcoming – becomes a moment of speculation about decay, renewal, and traces of the past in what is just emerging.

The title of the exhibition, Forthcoming, is borrowed from the book of the same name by the Lebanese writer and filmmaker Jalal Toufic. It deals with the non-linear effects of disasters on culture. The forthcoming becomes a moment of speculation on decay and renewal, on the traces of the past in what is now only just emerging.

The exhibitions on the Bel Etage are supported by the Foundation for Art, Culture and
Social Projects of Sparda-Bank West.

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