Lars Eidinger. O Mensch


Aug 31, 2024 — Jan 26, 2025

  • Lars Eidinger, Montreux, 2019, C-Print © Courtesy Lars Eidinger und Ruttkowski68, Köln, Düsseldorf, Paris, New York

The artist Lars Eidinger (b. 1976 in Berlin) captures the majority of his photographs with his smartphone. His approach testifies to his strong connection to the time in which we live. Eidinger’s photographs portray conditions and situations that are often inconspicuous and go unnoticed in everyday life. By placing them at the center of the image, Eidinger invites the viewer to explore themes such as urban life, nature tamed by man, and the vulnerable body, as well as poverty, despair, madness, and loneliness. The exhibition, conceived in close collaboration with Eidinger, presents a selection of new photographic and video works.

The exhibitions on the Bel Etage are sponsored by the Foundation for Art, Culture, and Social Projects of Sparda-Bank West.

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