Nothing but the Future

Nov 13, 2021 — Feb 13, 2022

For the second OPEN SPACE, the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen will again transform an exhibition hall into an indoor public space. Under the title “Nothing but the Future,” the focus is now on the Anthropocene, a scientific term for the present age of the earth, in which humankind has become a force of nature. In collaboration with local and international partners, a transdisciplinary program has been developed that turns OPEN SPACE into a space for negotiating questions about the present and the future.

More clearly than ever before, the immense impact of human activity on the planet is showing its effects. The climate crisis and its life-threatening consequences in the form of heat or floods, the excessive waste of resources, the legacy of colonialism and the growing social and economic inequality pose new challenges to humanity. The Anthropocene - a new Earth age - has begun, and we must ask ourselves: How can we think and shape a just and livable future together?

In the extensive program of OPEN SPACE, experts will discuss topics of urban design, environmental justice, alternative economy, shrinking living spaces and the scope for action within the multiple crises of our time. In addition, there will be readings, poetry slams and film screenings, numerous dance and art workshops, as well as conversations about how the complex relationship of human beings to their living environment is reflected in works of art and in urban space.

Look forward to guests like:
Reza Afisina, Karima Benbrahim, Friedrich von Borries, Club Real, Peter Emorinken-Donatus, Nikita Dhawan, Raphael Hillebrand, Andrea Hofmann, Imeh Ituen, Fatima Khan, Stefania Koller, Cate Lartey, Christa Müller, Boniface Mabanza Bambu, Ray Milan, Anh-Linh Ngo, Tonny Nowshin, Serge Palasie, Jean Peters, Eva von Redecker, Hilal Sezgin, Betty Schiel, School of Political Hope, Lynn Takeo Musiol, Jacques Tilly, Françoise Vergès, Andreas Weber, Wochenklausur and many more.

On the days without an event program there are the OPEN DAYS in the OPEN SPACE. Days when you can simply drop by with free admission and without registration.
During the OPEN DAYS you are cordially invited: to meet with friends or family, to read daily newspapers or magazines, to use free wi-fi or to do online research at computer terminals, to enrich the seed library with your own seeds or to take seeds for the coming spring, to browse for interesting (children's) books in the OPEN SPACE library, to try out the creative boxes, the specially developed game „Stadtparlament – Wer braucht eine Stimme?“ or other board games, or just relax with a drink.

Opening hours OPEN DAYS:
All day Wednesdays and Fridays.
Additionally on the opening weekend: Nov 13 and Nov 14
Around Christmas: Dec 21 to Jan 2
As well as on Saturdays Nov 27, Dec 11, Jan 8 and Jan 22

The OPEN SPACE was developed together with the collective raumlaborberlin.

In the OPEN SPACE, admission and participation in the events are free of charge. Registration is required for all events. The current measures of the Corona Protection Ordinance apply. Information can be found here.

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