Other Groups

Photo: Wilfried Meyer

General Guide Fee

Groups may book guided tours through the permanent collection or current special exhibitions. Pre-registered tours are offered in German, English, French, Japanese, Hungarian, and Dutch for normally max. 20 persons each. The general guide fee is plus admission for group visitors.

Foreign-language guided tourGuide Fee
120 min. (plus admission fee)130,00 EUR

60 min. (plus admission fee)

85,00 EUR

90 min. (plus admission fee)

100,00 EUR

We also offer foreign-language guided tours with workshop part for adults or groups of children and young people. Please ask the Visitor's Service for terms and conditions.


German-language guided tour     Guide Fee

60 min. (plus admission fee)

 75,00 EUR

90 min. (plus admission fee)

 90,00 EUR
120 min. (plus admission fee)120,00 EUR

Group Admissions

9.00/7.50 Euros admission fee each (from 10 persons on)
Plus guide fee/guided tour.

Scholary groups with professor: reduced admission 2.50 Euros each.
Application required.

Application for Groups

Would you like to book a personalized group tour?

With application only. Please pre-register also for private group visits without guided tour.

Visitor's Service

Tel +49 (0)211. 83 81-204
Fax +40 (0)211. 83 81-209